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Nucleos Ganaderos, S.L.

NG 21 is a services company belonging to the COSAD group. It was created in 1997, and its target was to give the support that our farms were asking in that moment: 

- To create an Artificial Insemination Centre

- To control our multiplication farms.


1. Good cares

All directed for obtaining top quality semen and the best welfare for the boars

2.The manufacturing of the doses

 is done maintaining an accurate control of bio security and temperature.

3. Biosecurity place

He comfort in the lodging of the animals and the good practices in the husbandry of our boars

4. For a quality product

Right from the start

The recents boars in the centre

  • German Pietrain

    Semen Porcino NG21

  • Belgian Pietrain

    Semen Porcino NG21

  • Ibérico

    Semen Porcino NG21

  • German Pietrain

    Semen Porcino NG21